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Go type conversion

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Simple, safe conversion of any type, including indirect/custom types.

Getting Started

Feature overview


Support to any data type, no panic, safe with application.


Less code, zero depend, the application almost no heavy burden.


Semantic clarity, naming, documentation, detailed, directly get started.


cvt.IntE("12")          // 12, nil
cvt.Float64E("12.34")   // 12.34, nil
cvt.StringE(12.34)      // "12.34", nil
cvt.BoolE("false")      // false, nil
cvt.Int("12")           // 12(success)
cvt.Int(struct{}{})     // 0(failed)
cvt.Int(struct{}{}, 12)     // 12
cvt.Float("hello", 12.34)   // 12.34
type Name string

var name Name = "jioby"

cvt.StringE(name)       // jioby, nil
var name = "jioby"

cvt.StringE(&name)       // jioby, nil
cvt.BoolP("true")   // (*bool)(0x14000126180)(true)